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[LED indoor lighting] 23509725


LED indoor lighting fixtures

Small LED System Room Lighting


  • No flickering of the fluorescent light, no glare
  • A slim design is applied and light weight is realized
  • Reducing power consumption by at least 50% compared to existing lights
  • High efficiency that can be used for at least 30,000 hours
  • Soft light without glare and beautiful, simple design

Place of use

  • Residential spaces, offices, shopping malls and restaurants
  • It can replace existing fluorescent lights and all indoor lighting

Product drawing LK020-RO-899

Light distribution simulation LK020-RO-899

Product specifications

Model name Item identification number Power consumption(W) Rated luminous flux(lm) Luminous efficiency(lm/W) Power factor(PF) Certification High efficiency certified Eco-label
LK020-RO-899 23509725 20 2100 105 0.9 or higher No. KTC2017-0059 No. 27490 No. 18769

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