Samhwa Tech Co., Ltd.,
professional LED manufacturer making

continuous efforts based on honesty and trust

Samwha Tech Co., Ltd. is a promising exporter, which started in 1975 with ballast manufacturing business and has grown steadily in the area of future-oriented smart electronics (LED) since then, earning trust from major customers at home and abroad with 40 years of experience and technology. As a company specializing in renewable energy, we are making intensive R&D efforts to develop more smart intelligent carbon LED lighting and solar energy so as to overcome environmental crises and energy depletion by pursuing low carbon green growth.
From our customer service center, to our eco-friendly lighting products and eco-friendly design/construction, we have a complete system for one-stop total services. As a leading manufacturer of intelligent smart LED systems for modern public facilities, institutions, schools and apartments − especially with the development of next generation smart LED lighting − we provide IT software, LED modules, LED lighting fixtures, and LED converters, securing global competitiveness and winning trust from customers with tireless efforts in the LED lighting field.
We promise to be your best partner in designing beautiful spaces. With the spirit of altruism, we will endeavor to improve quality of life for our customers and ensure your continued support.
Thank you!